State Institution «Republican Scientific and Practical Centre «Cardiology»

110B, R. Luxemburg, Minsk
Phone (017) 207-37-62

Республиканский научно-практический центр КАРДИОЛОГИЯLoading...
  • 30.07.18
    Employers of RSPC «Cardiology» took part in the volunteer project «Children of Minsk» in the context of joint medical and educational project «Together to the healthy...
  • 21.06.18
    «Modern approaches to the treatment of atrial fibrillation patients» seminar for cardiologists, therapists was held on the 20th of June, 2018. Place: RSPC «Cardiology» (R....
  • 18.06.18
    Realization of activities plan «Together – to the health of the nation» for 2018-2019 years within the framework of joint project of Belarusian state pedagogical university of maxim...
  • 13.06.18
    Head of the Health committee of the Supreme Council of Ukraine, Olga Sergeevna Bogomolets, had visited RSPC «Cardiology» on 12th of June, 2018.  
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