Computer tomography

Siemens Somatom Force is a computerized tomograph having a highest possible resolution power. Dual-Source is the main advantage of the system allowing for simultaneous scanning of two X-ray tubes. Detectors used have a high signal-to-noise sensitivity allowing for a considerable reduction of radiation to patients while preserving high resolution of images. CT coronary angiography with prospective cardiosynchronization is applied according to a scanning protocol with radiation exposure of 1.2-.1.6 mSv, which is insignificantly different from a dose load accepted by the Radiation Standards of the Republic of Belarus for preventive X-ray investigations. 

Figure 8 Heart CT: functional analysis; LV myocadial perfusion assessment (the investigation was performed in RRPC “Cardiology”)


Figure  9 Low-dose scanning protocol: CT-screening of coronary calcium – with the radiation exposure of 0,2 mSv (the investigation was performed in RRPC “Cardiology”)

A high speed of scanning and high contrast sensitivity of the detectors allow for a 50% reduction of X-ray contrast medium doses which reduces the risk of nephrotoxicity.
SOMATOM  Force highest time resolution available at the time helps to minimize motion artifacts even in clinically severe patients without breath holding. A high speed of scanning is crucial in cardiological individuals with high heart rate and arrhythmias because similar investigations are impossible to perform using other nonavailable in Belarus scanning equipment.

       Figure 10 Heart CT: CT-coronary angiography (the investigation was performed in RRPC “Cardiology”)

Figure 11 Heart CT: CT-coronary angiography (the investigation was performed in RRPC “Cardiology”)

High-speed scanning performs investigations using high time resolution, particularly  angiographic investigations of anatomical regions per one contrast medium introduction (brachiocephalic and coronary arteries ); 3 in one protocol including coronary artery scanning, pulmonary artery and aortic scanning in the presence of angina pains; “All-body Angiography” scanning protocol is available. 

Figure 12 Abdominal vessel and lower extremity CT- angiography (the investigation was performed in RRPC “Cardiology”)

Siemens Somatom Force features scanning programs adapted to assess myocardial perfusion and heart functional properties with simultaneous coronary artery assessment.

 Figure 13 Heart CT: functional analysis (the investigation was performed in RRPC “Cardiology”)

The above-mentioned advantages of Siemens Somatom Force scanner provides high-quality diagnostic data with a high degree of diagnostic accuracy.