Educational center

The Republican Scientific and Practical Centre «Cardiology» educational center carries out activity on the basis of special permission (license) for the right of exercise of educational activity, the certificate on the state accreditation and has the right for issue of documents of the established sample of Republic of Belarus.  

Duration of professional development is one – two weeks (40/80 hours), causes of training - at the request of trainees (up to 5 months). Adaptation of educational programs to needs of listerners is possible.

Educational process takes place in small groups that provides the individual differentiated approach to each listener. 


Classes have the practically oriented character. Rooms and operating rooms equipped with the latest medical equipment are used for carrying out the educational classes.

The cost of training is: from 350 to 600 US dollars in 2 weeks (for foreign citizens).

Listerners who have mastered the content of the curriculum of postgraduate education and who have passed the final attestation are given the certificate of professional development of the established.

Admission to study is based on the contract signed in accordance with the established procedure.

Accommodation of students from other cities and foreign students is provided in rooms of the dormitory of public institution of education «Republican institute of the higher school».



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