June 18th, 2018


Realization of activities plan «Together – to the health of the nation» for 2018-2019 years within the framework of joint project of Belarusian state pedagogical university of maxim Tank and RSPC «Cardiology» signing was held in the Belarusian state pedagogical university on the 15th of June, 2018.


Given project will allow pedagogues and cardiologists together with mass media to realize prophylactic programs for changing of public consciousness and forming new priorities towards health and health lifestyle in population starting from an early age.

Events will be held for different age groups of children, students and pedagogues.

Methodical aids on activities for healthy lifestyle in children of preschool age and junior schoolchildren will be prepared by cardiologists for preschool tutors and elementary school teachers. Actions on healthy lifestyle within the framework of BSPU «Children of the capital», media training for junior schoolchildren, preparation and publication of information materials for children will be organized for preschool children and junior schoolchildren.

Activities on preparation of volunteers will be organized for students within the framework of project «Cultivation of health culture: students for schoolchildren» and republican project «My lifestyle today will be my health and success tomorrow». Cycle of lectures on healthy lifestyle will be organized by cardiologists and united health days will be provided. Republican scientific and practical conference on health preserving behavior of modern youth will be held.

Headings «We choose healthy lifestyle» will be conducted in the internet and social media, BSPU and RSPC «Cardiology» sites.